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We are a FULL service grooming salon here for all your dogs needs! Our grooming prices are based on breed and size. Please call us for a quote. We have many upgrades for your dogs every need. We do nail trims as a walk in service, we just bask that you call us when you get into the parking lot. We LOVE grooming your Furkids and we treat them like our own <3


Bath and Haircut prices are based by breed, please call us for a quote!

Grooming packages include:

- Soap free gentle cleansing hypo shampoo

- Nail trim

- Ear cleaning

- Brush out

- Pad and Sani trim [when requested]


Shedding Treatments

$10-$30 extra


Skunk Treatments

Includes Teeth brushing and super special De-odorizing shampoo

$13-18 Extra

Upgrades $7

- Teeth Brushing *

- Nail Filling *

- Conditioner *

- Blueberry Facial *

- Clarifying Shampoo 

- Degreasing Shampoo

- Yucca Medicated Shampoo or Conditioner

Pampered Pet Package options:

$17: Any 3 upgrades. $22 for 4 upgrades. $27 for all upgrades.

Walk In Services


- Teeth Brushing $7

- Nail Trim $10

- Nail Trim and File $16

- Complimentary Perfume Spritz 



-Teeth Brushing

-Nail cut and File

-Ear cleaning

-Complimentary Perfume Spritz



Puppies first groom! [For puppies only.]
-Puppy Bath $20
-Bath, Brush out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning
-Puppy Trim $30 [NOT A FULL HAIRCUT]
-Bath, Brush out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Face/Feet/Sanitary Trim

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