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We are a FULL service grooming salon here for all your dogs needs! Our grooming prices are based on breed and size. Please call us for a quote. We have many upgrades for your dogs every need. We do nail trims as a walk in service, we just bask that you call us when you get into the parking lot. We LOVE grooming your Furkids and we treat them like our own <3


Bath and Haircut prices are based by breed, please call us for a quote!

Grooming packages include:

- Soap free gentle cleansing hypo shampoo

- Nail trim

- Ear cleaning

- Brush out

- Pad and Sani trim [when requested]


Shedding Treatments

$10-$30 extra


Skunk Treatments

Includes Teeth brushing and super special De-odorizing shampoo

$13-18 Extra

Upgrades $7 each

- Teeth Brushing

- Nail Filling 

- Conditioner 

- Blueberry Facial 

- Clarifying Shampoo 

- Degreasing Shampoo

- Yucca Medicated Shampoo or Conditioner

Pampered Pet Package options:

$17: Any 3 upgrades. $22 for 4 upgrades. $27 for all upgrades.

Walk In Services
Please call when you arrive for your service, there is usually a 5/15 min wait in your car. We will call you in when we are ready to start the service. We take our first walk in service 30 min after we open and we take our last walk in service 30 min before we close. 

- Nail Trim $12

- Nail Trim and File $16



-Teeth Brushing

-Nail cut and File

-Ear cleaning

-Complimentary Perfume Spritz



Puppies first groom! [For puppies only.]
-Puppy Bath $20
-Bath, Brush out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning
-Puppy Trim $30 [NOT A FULL HAIRCUT]
-Bath, Brush out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Face/Feet/Sanitary Trim

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